No More Waste! Sustainable Fabrics for an Eco-Friendly Focused Company

There is an increasing number of people who are becoming conscious about the environment. They are now exerting conscious effort to reduce the degradation of natural resources. Moreover, they are leaning towards buying from eco-friendly companies (Yorkshire Fabric Shop) instead of patronizing retail shops with affordable products but causing serious damage to animals and the planet.

If you are planning to build your own shop which offers fabrics, make sure to use sustainable ones. Avoid selling polyester, nylon, and acrylic fabrics because they release more than a hundred tiny plastic microfibers which are harmful to marine species when they end up in the ocean. Check out the list of sustainable fabrics below to ensure that you will have an eco-friendly-focused clothing company.


One of the fabrics to go for your collection is the linen materials. It is made from cellulose fibers that came from flax plants. Aside from being sustainable, it is also a great option because of its high durability allowing it to last for more than 5 years of wear and tear. Additionally, clothes made from this fabric are incredibly comfortable and flexible. The best thing about linen is that it will not leave any waste footprint.



Bamboo materials are the fabrics to go if you want to have clothes made from highly renewable grass and with little to no chemical inputs. It is a biodegradable fabric with natural antibacterial properties. Avoid using toxic chemicals when transforming the pants into the fabric because it will cause environmental damages. If you want your company to be eco-friendly and you want your customers to know it, you have to label your products bamboo-based rayon.

3.Soy Silk

Soy has a lot of benefits not just for your body but also for the environment. Soy materials are the fabrics to go when you want to replace your silk and cashmere. The latter includes the use of the skin of animals during the production process while the former is much more eco-friendly and cruelty-free. The soy silk materials are the fabrics to go if you want to offer products that are machine washable and wrinkle resistant.

Soy Silk

4.Organic Cotton

A lot of people thought that ordinary cotton and organic cotton are just the same. But what they don’t know is that the former includes a lot of pesticides which can contribute greatly to environmental degradation. The organic cotton materials are the fabrics to go if you want those that do not come with any amount of pesticides. When you use this type of fabric, make sure to do away from creating bright-pink colored clothes because the use of dyes reduces your credibility. These fabrics to go are the best to utilize to create cream, light brown, and pale green apparel.


Wool materials are the fabrics to go as they will help you create an eco-friendly-focused company. These fabrics to go are free from chemical inputs and are renewable and resistant to fire. The majority of wool manufacturers use sustainable farming practices which guarantees you that they do not harm the environment nor its species during the entire production process.

6.Recycled Fabrics

If you truly want to have an environmentally friendly company, then use recycled fabrics in creating your products. Items that are once loved can be turned into luxurious-looking shirts, pants, or skirts. These kinds of apparel have increasing popularity in the fashion world. You may get the fabrics to produce other apparel from your own cabinet. Separate those that you no longer use and make them new again. In your own little way, you can make a big difference in saving the planet earth. As an entrepreneur, it is a great way of not just reducing the waste but also decreasing the capital needed to build your company.

In a Nutshell

Now that you know the sustainable fabrics available in the market, you can start building your own eco-friendly-focused company. One of the most popular retailers of sustainable fabrics is the Yorkshire Fabric Shop Batley in England. If you wish to source from it but you are in another part of the world, you can still do so by ordering through its website.

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