Top 6 Ideas to Make Your Packaging Boxes a Big Hit for Business Promotion

If you do not know what CBD is, it is a chemical found inside the hemp plant that has many physical and mental benefits. It does not make you high and does not contain psychoactive effects. Those effects are caused by another chemical named THC that is found inside these plants. Let me sum up the things and clear the confusion, THC has much strong drug competency that makes you high, whereas CBD is used to relax the mind and body. Read about custom pre roll packaging.

Because of the suspected health benefits and solutions to many mental problems, CBD pre rolls are becoming very popular. These can be smoked for benefits or recreational purposes, but there are no harmful effects like addiction associated with marijuana. Therefore, these products are catching a lot of attention, and more and more brands are launching their range in the market.

These products are packed in appealing custom pre roll packaging that protects the items from damage during the transportation and storage process.

In such a competition, you might want to get the upper hand in terms of presentation. So, here are some ideas that you can employ to make your product look amazing:

Sliders with Slots for Each Pre-Roll

Sliders are a very famous type of packaging boxes. They work very well with the pre rolls as well. Their unique slide opening action is unique, and opening the case feels amazing. These boxes are very durable and sturdy, which is another good thing. Designated slots for every joint are an amazing addition that ensures every joint stay unharmed. From the presentation aspect, you can have them in simple Kraft boxes, or if you want a lot of printing and finishing options, cardboard can be a better solution. Whichever material you select, the printing of your artwork and branding details on these boxes looks very attractive. You can also have the text you want to add to these boxes embossed on them.

Two-Piece Boxes with Custom See-Through Window on the Lid

Two-piece boxes are another type of box that is composed of two parts, like sliders. In the case of two-piece boxes, the way the boxes open is different. You have to slide the lip upwards instead of sideways, as in the case of slider boxes. These are the amazing and beautiful style for CBD pre roll boxes. A custom window on the lid of these boxes can make these boxes even better than they already are. Again, you can have these boxes in whichever packaging material you want. Also, you can go with other customizations like branding and adding details as well.

Magnetic Closure Boxes for Exclusive Pre-Roll Range

Magnetic closure boxes are another type of boxes that have a unique way of opening and closing. This style of packaging boxes is generally used for watches and accessories as they resonate with the exclusive vibe associated with those products. The material of these boxes is generally rigid, which is the same material that goes into making perfume boxes. With these boxes, you are open to many printing and finishing customizations, which is another good thing. These boxes speak luxury, so they can be an ideal packaging for your best-in-class CBD joints.

Bookend Boxes with Customizations

I have just realized that in this article, all the mentioned styles of boxes are unique. These boxes give a unique look to the packaging that was confined to cigarette cases and other similar types of packaging before. Bookend boxes are very appealing because of their book-like appearance. Your pre rolls packed in one of these boxes are sure to look great. There are many ideas you can implement like a see-through window, embossing of the company’s details, foiling, and many other details. With the right customizations, these boxes are not less than any piece of art.

Flip Top Boxes for Pre-Rolls

Flip-top boxes are a neat way to package pre-rolled joints that can be sold in dispensaries and smokers.  They have the advantage of being waterproof, airtight, stackable, and they take up less space than other packaging options when selling your product at retail locations.

This plastic flip top box is an easy way to make sure no moisture gets into your pre-rolls while still providing visibility from outside the container with see-through windows on each side (the top lid also has a window). So whether you need it for storage or taking them out on the go, these containers will do more than just keeping things fresh.

Plastic Tubes for Packing Pre-Rolls

These tubes are great to use for pre-rolls because you can either stand them up or lay them down depending on how much product is in each tube. The lid provides an airtight seal so your pre-roll will stay fresh and dry the entire time it’s not being used.

The plant box container features a see-through window that reveals what type of flower is inside, making this one easy way to advertise all the different products available without taking away from its style.  This sleek design also means more shelf space for other items while still keeping your packaging cost-effective at less than other boxes!


You can’t just depend on the quality of your product to make it a big hit. The packaging you choose for your products is also important, and this is where your packaging suppliers come in. They offer custom cardboard boxes wholesale that are not only attractive but also functional too!

Their range includes sliders with slots for each pre-roll, a two-piece box with a see-through window on the lid, magnetic closure boxes for exclusive pre-rolls, bookend boxes with customization options, flip-top boxes for pre-rolled cigarettes, and plastic tubes perfect as packing material. So, these were our picks for attractive CBD pre roll boxes. We hope you make your pre roll boxes as attractive as you can with these ideas and many others in mind. So, contact your supplier and place your order now!

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