Top 5 Tips to Begin Your Own Home-based T-Shirt business

We all know about the famous ‘Life is Good’ T-shirts but most of us hardly know the story behind them. In the year 1980, two entrepreneurs named Bert and John Jacobs started their journey by manufacturing T-shirts targeting college-goers. However, even after trying hard, nobody was ready to purchase them. While returning from another unsuccessful selling event, they suddenly started discussing the negative publicities of media and its impact. Therefore, the idea of the ‘Life is Good’ T-shirt was born. They began to write this line on every T-shirt, which made the difference and increased the point of attraction. Nowadays, the T-shirt business has become really popular and quite easy to carry on.

It has become one of the most popular means of earning as an entrepreneur can begin such business by staying within the home. Besides, after analyzing profit margin, direct lenders are also ready to lend money for increasing principle of T-shirt business.

When it comes to the matter of home-based business, almost everyone would like to go for it because of its low investment. Therefore, if you are also thinking about beginning this T-shirt business, here are some tips.

  • Generate a new concept

T-shirts are something that especially for young generations. If your target buyers are the young generation, then the style and trend should always portray something new. The concept of the T-shirt must represent a positive picture and something related to their daily lives.

Only after this, a businessman can successfully attract his targeted buyers. Remember, new concepts always work for beginning any kind of business.

  • Make the design as per the demand

After selecting a concept now, it is time to work on that idea. Bring new designs and print those new structures. Do not forget about the demand of the market. If you want to grab the attention of youth, always work on demand.

For example, a few years back, when the cartoon character Minions became famous, many T-shirt manufacturers used that character on it. So, make sure you are not behind the trend, and the design is fulfilling the demand.

  • Do not forget about the business plan

Being an owner of even a home-based business, you need to design a business plan. If you think that it is a home-based small business and does not need a plan, you are wrong. A business plan is something that always helps to track your journey.

Besides, a well business plan always helps to get small trading loans without guarantors from direct lenders. Moreover, you surely want to enhance business growth, i.e. from home-based to a medium scale. To do that, you will require an investor, and without having a business plan, it is impossible to get a good investor.

  • Develop a trademark and get the license

If you are designing something on your own, it is important to develop a trademark. Certainly, you do not want anyone to copy those designs without your permission. In that case, you need to secure all the T-shirts designs by applying for a trademark to the Government portal.

On the other hand, without any license, it is impossible to market your products internationally. Besides, it is also punishable to run the business without any license. So get the license done within few days.

  • Buy a printer

The ease of running this T-shirt business is by painting with your own hand until you do not get a bulk order. When you get bulk order, it is completely impossible to complete the entire painting with your hand. In such a condition, you are in need of printing those T-shirts.

So, try to buy a printer which can print up to 100 pieces of the T-shirt in a month. It is good for beginning the business. Later, when you observe more bulk orders, then try to buy the high-quality printer.

Benefits of beginning home-based business

  • No additional cost

Do you know why many people are trying to focus on home-based business? The one and the only reason is pocket friendliness. When you begin a home-based business, there is no need to hire any employee, rent a place for a shop, and even have zero transportation cost.

On the other hand, if you want to begin any other type of business that is unable to fit within the house and needs more employees to carry on the business, you need to spend more. To carry on those additional expenses, entrepreneurs are often entangled into debt badly. However, one can take debt consolidation loans even for bad credit to become debt-free.

  • Scope of multitasking

Being a housewife now, many women are becoming financially independent only because of home-based business. As a businessman, he needs not to go out of the house to complete all his domestic duties and give enough time to the business. Besides, handling clients will no longer remain a burden because one can connect with his client through online meeting apps.

When you have a good hold on your day-to-day schedule, it will help you become more productive. Besides, as you are the worker and boss, so there is no question of dependency. Moreover, you can enjoy the profit without sharing it with anyone. Therefore, a home-based business is really good for beginners.

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