How to Save Huge Bucks While Travelling In Toronto?

Even if you are not traveling on a strict budget, there’s no harm in finding ways to save money while traveling so that you can use the saved money in other ways to enhance your travel experience. Whether it’s about getting cheap flight deals from DEL to YYZ (Delhi to Toronto) Flights to Toronto or by indulging in cheap activities, there can be many ways to save a few or huge bucks while traveling in Toronto.

Here are some tips that you can use on your trip and book flights to Toronto to save some money without compromising on your travel experience:

Consider Flying to Another Airport than Toronto Airport

When you plan to book your flights from DEL to YYZ, it will be more suitable if you choose another airport than Toronto Pearson International Airport. You can book your flights to Toronto City Centre Airport, which makes air transportation less expensive. It is the hub for porter airlines which has several Canadian destinations in close proximity. It is also very close to Niagara Falls and just 20 minutes outside of the city. This will help you save money on your flight tickets when you are visiting Toronto.

Save Money On Accommodations In Toronto

Many Toronto hotels and accommodations offer clean and basic facility accommodation at reasonable prices. The close you stay in the outside Downtown area, more close you are to a cheaper accommodation deal. As summers are a peak season, hotels can be quite expensive at that time, but if you stay in the dorms, low-budget hotels will bring you the opportunity to save huge bucks. Also, university dorms can be quite a decent option with summer rentals options.

Save Money On Eating In Toronto

Cheap or affordable eating is not much of a big issue in Toronto, because when it comes to cheap eating in Toronto, it doesn’t mean that you will have to compromise on good eating options. You can consider eating meals from Toronto’s markets, where you can find fresh and delicious food at lower prices. Visitors can also go to Chinatown, where you can eat affordable Asian and Chinese dishes. Some affordable restaurants are Kim Chi, Vietnamese sub, and Two Thumbs up. Booking cheap flights from DEL to YYZ can be daunting, but that doesnt mean food research will also be tough.

Include Free Toronto Attractions In Your Itinerary

There are plenty of parks and attractions and cultural centers and markets that offer visitors a chance to discover and explore a unique Toronto side without spending much on your wallets. From parks to museums, there are plenty of things to explore in Toronto, which does not involves much travel expenditure. This way you will save money on traveling to different places. For example, if you choose three to four close by attractions together, then you can walk to each place without hiring or availing of any transport.

Buy Toronto CityPass If you Plan to visit Major Attractions

Toronto CityPass is a booklet or brochure that contains admission tickets to six of the most popular attractions of the city with almost half price. With CityPass, you will not only avoid long queues or ticket lines, but you will also save a lot of bucks on the entry tickets for major attractions in Toronto. The CityPass is valid for nine days from its first day of use, and the booklet also includes other necessary travel things like maps and special information for international tourists. While enquiring about flight deals from DEL to YYZ, book your CityPass for Toronto online too.

Take Public Transports Instead Of Taxi or Cabs

Toronto has a very good system for streetcars, buses, and subways. The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is the ideal choice to get you around the city. You can also consider parking for free at one of the TTC parking lots but only on weekends. And if you buy a single or family day pass, then you can save huge bucks on transportation. The streetcars of Toronto run through the popular routes included Downtown, East Toronto, Queen Street, and the beaches giving the passengers an option to avail a cheap tour of one of the famous streets in Toronto. However, the same route can be quite expensive if you go for a cab or taxi. This way public transport helps you save a lot while exploring.

Buy Same Day Performance Tickets

Quite similar to discount tickets that are available in New York City, London, and English. TIX offers special event tickets at discounted prices for dance shows, opera shows, comedy shows, and theatre on the day of performance and full-price tickets if booked in advance. The tickets can be purchased online or in-person at the TIX office at the corner of Yonge and Dundas. So when you are buying tickets from DEL to YYZ, remember to book your performance tickets from the TIX website in advance to avail discounted prices.

Cut Back Unnecessary Expenses

While your trip to Toronto, you should not spend money on the things you can survive without using or the things you can avail yourself of for free. Suppose you can use your travel water bottle anywhere you travel instead of purchasing a new one at every location. Also, when you visit and try to book flights to Canada (Toronto) for just a few weeks, it will be better to use the utilities you already have instead of purchasing new ones. In case you are traveling to some locations where food might be expensive, you can carry packed goods to minimize your expenditures.

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