Retail Packaging on Amazon – Making Use of Amazon’s Pre-seller Program to Sell Your Products

A primer on what is Customization aspects of retail packaging on Amazon. Retail packaging refers to all of the steps involved in designing, examining, and creating a box for your goods. Most online retailers make a customized packaging experience to enhance profitability and delight clients. There are many different elements to consider when you are ready to create customized retail packaging on Amazon. These include:

Types of Boxes

Before getting started on what is retail packaging on Amazon, you need to decide what type of box or carton you want to use. There are a few standard options available from companies like Box Office, APM International, and Corflute. These companies can help guide your decision on what is best for your business. The type of box you choose depends on whether you are packaging goods that can be used, or goods that cannot be used, within the country in which you are located. Also, the size and dimensions of the products you are shipping depend on the options you have chosen.

Design Options

There are a number of different design options available from most of the aforementioned companies. Some of these include embossed, silk, magnetic, foil, printed, and plain boxes. All of these options can help provide you with the impact and style that you want. After you have decided on the type of box, you can move on to the customization aspects of retail packaging. When it comes to this stage of the process, there are two ways to go: one-way, and two-way. Most companies will allow you to choose which part of the box you like, such as the top or bottom, or which side you would like to see.

Colour Options

Most of the two-way custom packaging companies will allow you to choose your colour from a palette provided. Amazon also offers boxes in a variety of colours, but these are more uncommon. You may need to order the boxes from the manufacturer, though many of the online suppliers will transfer the order for you. Once you have the colour of the boxes that you are interested in, it is a simple matter of adding them to your cart and entering the address information into the online store.



The next aspect of what is retail packaging on Amazon is the support that they offer. If you have any questions or concerns, most companies that offer retail e-commerce packaging on Amazon will be more than happy to assist you. Many of them also offer free assistance via email or telephone. For specific inquiries, some of the companies offer toll-free numbers or chat facilities on their website. For general questions, however, you will probably be best off contacting the retailer where the item you are buying will be purchased from.


Amazon does not offer any type of standard product packaging on Amazons products. Almost every single one of the online companies selling these boxes offers a lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship. This is provided to you by the seller and no Amazon’s company is involved in the process. As long as the boxes remain unopened and the packing material intact, this warranty will remain in effect.

E-Commerce Affiliate

Some of the larger online companies selling what is retail packaging on Amazons include JVZoo, Shipwire, Hyperhl and a few others. These companies work with affiliates who market their own products using social media. The affiliate, if he or she follows all of the conditions of the agreement, will receive credit for the sales that he or she has generated. By promoting JVZoo’s and other e-commerce brands, you can also build up a targeted list of potential customers, which is very beneficial. The e-commerce affiliate receives a percentage of each product’s sale and thus helps to generate more revenue for the e-commerce website.

If you want to create your own e-commerce website and build your list of potential customers, using retail packaging on Amazon is a good way to do so. You can also promote a variety of other high-end brands using social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. These are only a few of the options that you have when it comes to marketing your e-commerce website with what is retail packaging on Amazon. Customization Aspects of Retail Packaging

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