7 Tips to Choose the Right Hair Removal Wax According to Your Skin Type

We all wish to look perfect and grooming is one of the best ways that will assist us in looking beautiful and party ready. Waxing is one such part that is very integral in making us look completely groomed and neat too. There are various types of waxing that will help us in attaining that perfect look. Now, it is very important for us to look for the right kind of hair removal according to the type of your skin. You need to look for the best professionals if you are opting for full body waxing or any other waxing services by best hair removal wax.

This is nothing to worry about, you can easily look for the services with the salon booking apps. Technology has become crazy in today’s time, and it has made multiple things easy for us. In this article, we will talk about some of the tips to consider while choosing the right wax.

7 tips to choose the right hair removal wax

1. Ingredients

Check the ingredients present in the hair removal wax so that it does not react to your skin. There are a lot of wax products that contains some substances that might end up harming your skin, so, always make sure to check whether the ingredients are completely okay for you skin and will keep you way from the painful rashes.

2. Consider options

We all know that there a variety of waxes in the salon, and we are required to choose the best one for ourselves. Now, the traditional honey wax is the one that is the cheapest from all the other options. Then, there is Italian flavored wax known as Rica which comes in various flavors like chocolate, vanilla etc. This wax is comparably recommendable as it does not feel too hot while applying and assist in removing tan and in-growth.

3. Consider the area

Now, one thing to keep in mind is waxing our sensitive areas can bit of a painful errand. So, for choosing the hair removal wax, make sure to consider the area you want to be waxed. Normal hands, legs and stomach can be done with almost all types of wax and will not cause much pain. But, the sensitive areas like the bikini area can be a painful one and for this area, honey wax is recommended as it is easy to pull it off with a strip when compared with other waxes. Hitherto, you need to keep this point in mind before choosing the wax for yourself.

4. If you have dry skin

Do not forget to look at the dry skin that you have, make sure to choose a wax that is suitable for dry skin. Now, if you have a dry skin you might be knowing that your skin does not produce the ideal amount of sebum and after waxing your skin requires the right amount of moisture. So, for attaining everything that you need for your dry skin after waxing, you must go with the chocolate wax, as it provides extra nourishment and is very gentle to the skin.

5. If you have oily skin

Look after your oily skin before choosing the correct wax for yourself. Now, it is a known fact that oily skin has good levels of water and the excess sebum is the main issue with oily skins. Now this does not affect the hands and legs so much, but it surely affects the area like the face and the back. For oily skins, almost all the waxes are suitable, but the tip to follow here is apply some powder on the area before waxing to give some rest to your oily skin.

6. If you have sensitive skin

If you attain a sensitive skin, then you are at the highest possibility of meeting with rashes after the waxing procedure. Well, none of us like rashes, which is why it is very important to choose the right wax. For this skin type Aloe vera wax is the ideal type, as it is herbal and will protect your skin from all sort of allergies. It will assist in the removal of hair effortlessly without causing any skin irritation or other issues.

7. If you have normal skin

You are the blessed one of all if you have normal skin. In this skin type, the ideal one is charcoal wax because your skin is not looking for hydration, but is searching for detoxification. This wax will work like magic for your skin, it will cleanse your skin and will provide it with a smooth shine after the waxing procedure.

Importance of waxing

Let us have a look at some of the importance of waxing which will help us in knowing this procedure better:

  • One of the best importance of waxing is that it will not allow the hair to grow back very quickly.
  • It will act like an exfoliation for your skin
  • It gives a smoother shine to your skin

How to book waxing services through beauty appointment apps?

With the advent of technology, it has become very reliable and easy to book appointments through beauty appointment apps. If you want to book online services, now you don’t have to worry about getting down to the salon and fixing an appointment, you can comfortably do it by sitting at your place. Here are the steps that the customers need to follow for booking an appointment in a salon app:

Step 1: Download the application and search for the salon you want to receive services from.

Step 2: After searching the service, select the waxing service you want to go for.

Step 3: After selecting the service, you have to select the timing that is applicable for you.

Step 4: After selecting the timing, click book on the app and you have got yourself a waxing service easily by sitting at your home.


Waxing is very integral for maintaining the hygiene of our body and the more important thing is getting it done from the right place. No matter what service you need, be it full body waxing or any other waxing service, you can today do it easily with appointment apps just in a few clicks. So, be alert about the wax that you are using on your skin so that you don’t end up facing trouble. Do not forget that the skin matters require the keenest attention and consideration.

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